Wednesday, 6 February 2008

First Knitting

This is my second knitting project (as an adult anyway). It is still unfinished after three years. The first one is unfinished too, sort of. The first was to be a baby sweater, but it ended up as a square. I don't know what the square is for, but is a very nice stripy square. This, however, will be lovely when it's done, if I can ever figure out how to finish it. It is a rectangular shawl, a stole I guess, with a simple k2, yo, k2tog pattern, but I can't figure out what to edge it with. The yarn is 2-ply sport-weight Lincoln (I think) from Celeigh Wool in Millet. It is Alberta wool, naturally coloured.

One day I will finish it. I have a new lace edging to try out. I am going to use a darker colour to edge it.

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