Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Anemoi, trop difficile pour moi

Well, I have cast on for these. It seemed like a good way to use up the Louet Gems that I bought for a different pair of mittens but isn't, as it turns out, very suitable. The tubular cast-on was okay, but purling with my right-hand and still using my left for the main colour is NOT my idea of fun. I think after five rows that I have had enough of the corrugated rib and that although it looks really, really nice, I do not have, at this time, nearly enough patience to spend the two weeks it would take to finish the cuffs this way. Ribbit.

I'll do a different cuff and get to the fun stuff!

In other news, I did add some elastic thread to the waistband of the Perfection Pants and now they fit much better. I don't think it will last though since the thread is not very strong and pulling them over diapers requires a LOT of stretching.

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