Thursday, 15 May 2008

Three Dresses, Three Days


It seems that one child, at least, does not have any summer dresses and so, down to the sewing room I went. I had a dress that was given to us which is super easy for the girls to put on and I used it to make a pattern, sizing it up a bit. I'm pretty happy with the results and so are they! Good use of the fabric stash too. I'm on a fabric diet.

Not doing very well at it since I bought some very cute turquoise eyelet and lime green lawn to make another dress for me, similar to the one above (not the cute girly one, that just doesn't suit me anymore, sigh). I made a pattern based on a designer dress that I could not/did not want to afford. It turned out pretty well and also used up some more of the stash, so I treated myself to this. A Mother's Day present you know. Did I say I was on a fabric diet? Naaaah.

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