Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Springing up Flowers

This is a pattern by KrisKnits that I heard about on BoogaJ's blog. Thanks to BoogaJ, I have a new pretty washcloth and something to do with the leftover balls of cotton yarn that I have from an old cotton sampler pack from Knit Picks. Once I got the KnitPicks kit, I didn't really want to knit the patterns that came with it . . . so I have a few odd balls of yarn hanging around (like that's unusual, lol!). Kris Knits has the perfect solution.

Her pattern was easy to knit even though it wasn't symmetrical. The rows are thoughtfully arranged in groups of 5 so that it's easy to keep your place and the pattern is created on the wrong side so that most of your work is knitting rather than purling. Both nice touches to a simple and pretty pattern. A nice, easy quick knit.


BoogaJ said...

How cute! You are super quick -- I haven't even purchased my yarn yet, but the sun is finally shining here and I'm off to pick some up.

StrawberryCreek said...

Hah, that's because I have a ridiculous lot of small odd balls stashed away. Plus, I had an hour in the car (as a passenger!) and I have a cold so I'm not at work and... the kids are outside! I can't wait to see yours! It's like knitting binary.