Thursday, 12 June 2008


Yesterday for the first time we visited our local Reuse Centre. It's great!!! A bit overwhelming though. Bins and bins and bins of great crafting finds. I think there were almost ten bins of fabric alone. Of course the most hilarious was the sign that I finally noticed on the way out:

"Unattended children will be fed raw sugar
and given a box of trophies."

Look at what we brought home.

They are so smart.

But we also brought home these! Vintage knitting pins, adding machine tape that fits perfectly in our sticker-maker, vintage patterns for my sewing room wall, some weird thing called a But-o-fix that I can't wait to investigate, and a large upholstery fabric sample book that I think may be destined for purses.


Anonymous said...

Is the yellow X the butt-o-whatever? Cool...I would have simply bought it because it's, well, an X!

And, uh, did they "give" you the trophies or did you actually buy them?


Will you take me to the junk store when I visit your town???

Mumuktu said...

Oh hey, I think I just figured out how to actually do this blog commenting thingy!

Testing, testing, one two threeeeee...

So, yah, I love the yellow X and would love for you to give me directions when I get to your town (in the next five years or so!).

(yup, I was "anonymous!"

StrawberryCreek said...

Nah, the yellow X is our sticker maker (Xyron) - very cool. You can pick one up with the sticker stuff for about $11. They are lots of fun. The adding machine tape fits into it perfectly! I think the Butofix is a button sewer thingy. It's the tiny orange box at the bottom of the picture.

Ha ha ha ha. Um, yeah, we "bought" the trophies. Of course, no matter how much you take - it all costs the same - $2. Yo could take a truckload and still walk out only $2 poorer!

Next time you're in town? It's a crafty date.

Gawdess said...

ooooooh beautiful and I want to go there!!!!

Blackbird Pie said...

I love the reuse centre! I picked up some really cool racecar jello molds there that are fun for parties. My DS found a bunch of berenstain bear books there too last visit.